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President's Report

Happy New Year to you and your families!

I am very excited about what 2017 will bring to the ASIS San Diego Chapter.  In November 2016, we voted in a new Executive Board and I am pleased to share the newly elected chapter leadership with you:

    •  Matt Klock, Chair
    •  Gerry Quinlan, Vice Chair 
    •  Sara Santana, Treasurer  
    •  Erin Fujioka, Secretary

Please help me welcome our new Executive Board!

This will be an exciting year for our chapter as we look to continue to build on the many successes we had under the leadership of Christian Woodhead, CPP, as Chapter Chair. As the Vice Chair last year, I was able to gain crucial insights into what it takes to run a successful chapter. We held more events and seminars than in previous years. We had a consistently great turnout at our luncheons and mixers while also giving our members an opportunity to visit premier businesses in San Diego county. We also organized our first annual golf tournament, which generated enough income to provide a scholarship to a student at the University of Phoenix. I will continue to strive to build on these successes in 2017 and work towards bringing more value and benefits to our chapter’s members.

In particular, I will continue to focus on providing more for our core constituents – security managers and professionals, law enforcement and military personnel, post-secondary students in the field of security management, and security integration companies in the San Diego area. My goal is to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors and to facilitate strong working relationships and networking opportunities between these sectors. With so many other organizations, trade shows, events, training classes, and seminars in the San Diego area; I strongly believe that it would be highly valuable to build collaborative relationships with partner organizations and work together to give our members more opportunities to gain insights into industry best practices.

I would also like to work on increasing the number of participants in our monthly activities. One idea is to make the luncheon presentations more central and easier to get to so you would not need to take two or three hours off work in order to attend. Another strategy is to add more networking mixers before and/or after work hours.

I will continue to develop training programs for CPP/PSP/PCI and increase our certifications roster within the organization. The chapter’s Women in Security program will continue to provide an opportunity for women to build working relationships and network with other security professionals. Lastly, the chapter will hold a 2nd annual golf tournament in October.  This year, we have secured a partnership with another organization to help raise funds to give back to the community and law enforcement. More details will be outlined in upcoming announcements.

I look forward to meeting all of you throughout the year and will work towards providing our members with an opportunity to network and share best practices to make San Diego County a safe and secure community.

Have a great year,  see you soon.


Matt Klock

Chapter Chair
ASIS International San Diego

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